Submit dataload.


Your request data may contain the following parameters. GET or POST the object (as JSON) to

Parameter Example Required Description
token "YOUR_TOKEN" Required Your API Token
pretty true Optional true means the response json will include white space for readability. Default is false.
url "" Optional Public, https url to the dataload file
file "data:text/csv;base64,Y3N2IGZpbGUgY29udGVudA==" Optional base64 encoded csv file. It should start with "data:text/csv;base64," followed by the encoded csv. Limit 5MB. Larger files should use the url parameter.
adapter "acme-hr" Optional ID of the adapter to apply to this dataload.
failureEmails [""] Optional Emails to be notified if the dataload does not succeed.
successEmails [""] Optional Emails to be notified when the dataload finishes.
name "simple-file-name.csv" Optional Optional display name of the file. By default, base64 encoded files will format to api.TIMESTAMP.csv.

Example Request

Example Response

  "ok": true,
  "dataload": {
    "id": "5804f0f40ef50473af5870d0"


If an error occurs, the response JSON will have ok set to false:

  "ok": false,
  "error": "token_invalid",
  "description": "The token `YOUR_TOKEN` was not found."

The error field will contain one of the following error identifiers and there may also be a description field with a more detailed explanation:

Identifier Description
api_method_not_found The requested url did not match any KPA EHS API method.
request_method_invalid The requested method was not GET or POST.
request_data_invalid The request did not include a valid JSON request object.
rate_limit_exceeded This token is exceeding its request limit.
token_missing The request did not include a token.
token_invalid The request token was invalid.
token_inactive The request token was has been deactivated.
token_permission The request token does not have write permission.
account_inactive The request token was for an account that is not active.
parameter_unexpected The request data included a parameter that is not supported.
parameter_missing The request data failed to include a parameter which was required.
parameter_invalid The request data included a parameter which had a value that is not allowed.
server_error The server encountered an internal error.
content_not_found The requested content was not found.