Parameter Description Value
token (Required) Your API Token
pretty (Optional) true means the response json will include white space for readability. Default is false.
url (Optional) Public, https url to the dataload file. We advise using a signed s3 url when using this path.
file (Optional) base64 encoded csv file. It should start with "data:text/csv;base64," followed by the encoded csv. Limit 5MB. Larger files should use the url parameter. Most secure option.
adapter (Optional) ID of the adapter to apply to this dataload.
failureEmails (Optional) Emails to be notified if the dataload does not succeed.
successEmails (Optional) Emails to be notified when the dataload finishes.
name (Optional) Optional display name of the file. By default, base64 encoded files will format to api.TIMESTAMP.csv.